Greetings to all our fans, followers and viewers! Great Getaways has completed 10 years of shows spotlighting active getaway adventures across the Midwest and Canada with an emphasis on the outdoors. As your host, I have traveled to many destinations and talked to the locals about their vacation and recreation opportunities. We are committed to discover and bring you more Great Getaways. As we kick off the new season we are announcing new shows and features. Please enjoy our newsletter as we bring you best wishes for a happy new year in 2014.



Tom O'Boyle 

Show Host/Producer/Photographer


New start time on WTVS in Detroit 

Our Detroit PBS affiliate, WTVS, which airs Great Getaways in Detroit and metro Detroit

areas and Canada, has announced they will be airing our show one-half hour earlier. Beginning January 15 Great Getaways will be shown at 11 a.m. on Saturdays for your viewing pleasure. Join viewers in 13 states and across Canada for our television travel series that spotlights a wide variety of destinations and talks to the locals about vacation and recreation opportunities.


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All New Segments!
Cottage Country, Boating Country, Camping Country, Viewer's Choice

Viewer's choice is a new online feature. Following each new

show, we will let the viewers choose their favorite getaway from the segments and tell us why. They will be encouraged to post their vote and opinion online. Some of the viewer's choices will be Cottage Country, Boating Country, Camping Country ...all new segments for 2014.


Then and Now

How often people remark "I remember when..." We will be sharing segments and photographs from 10, 15 even 20 years ago. Watch for what the destination was like "THEN" and what you can expect to find "NOW" on your Great Getaway.



Facebook, New Post Everyday

Every day we will let you know what is happening at Great Getaways on our Facebook page. Each blog and post is new, fresh and original, but we 

do not mind you sharing it with others. Every time you share our posts and make a comment, we gain that many more viewers and likes. To reach our audience, and to interact before and after our shows have aired, we are posting daily on Twitter and Pinterest, and will be adding more platforms as they become popular.


Live Streaming From Tip Up Town 


It's hard to put into words how Tip Up Town USA at Houghton Lake is the very description of winter fun and enjoyment for the whole family. If a picture is worth a thousand words, our live stream of the events is a Wikipedia. This year you can experience as never before a winter parade, polar bear dip and amusement rides, along with winter sports of ice fishing, snowmobile drag races and softball on the ice. Watch for our live feeds the last two weeks of January at Great Getaways Live adventures...the greatest getaways of all. There will be a link on our homepage to our new Live Adventures.

Great Getaways Live Streams will be available here:




In January we take you on great getaways as we Tour the Thumb (January 2); The Great Lakes Bay Waterway (January 9); Tawas (January 16) and explore the Nautical Center of Michigan (January 23). Get ready to sightsee, watch a little fishing, hiking, bird watching, and discover your own personal passions and pleasures on Lake St. Clair in the comfort of your own home. Be sure to follow the directions at the end of each show for more information on how you can make these your own great getaways. Dates below are satellite feed dates, please check your local listings for times.


1101 "Tour the Thumb" 1/2/14
We take a complete tour of the peninsula that we fondly call the thumb of Michigan's mitt. Surrounded by water, this part of Michigan is full of great outdoor activities. Our tour includes sightseeing, historic stops, great food and fun in the water and on land. The Thumb is loaded with campgrounds and we visit the best in a new segment called Camping Country. Don't miss the opportunity to vote on your favorite as we "Tour the Thumb."

1102 "The Great Lakes Bay Waterway" 1/9/14 

Our tour starts in the middle of the state in Sanford, Michigan on Sanford Lake to do a little fishing with champion fisherman Brian Darling. From here we take a tour of the Shiawassee Nature preserve and then it's on to the Tittabawassee River to kayak and we continue all the way to Saginaw Bay to join in a sailboat race and fish with nationally acclaimed fisherman Mark Martin. This is a water trail for the whole family. Then we ask our viewers to vote for their favorite boating experience on a new segment called Boating Country.

1103 "Double the Cities Double the Fun" 1/16/14 

Two little towns so closely connected that you can't tell where one ends and the other starts. These two villages feature amazing beaches, night life and an incredible state park with hiking trails, bird watching, a historic lighthouse and a lot more. We take time to enjoy the street dancing on Friday night in the beautiful downtown overlooking Lake Huron. Don't miss our Tawas Tour.

1104 "The Nautical Heart of the Great Lakes" 1/23/14 

With over 430 square miles of fresh water and 160 miles of shoreline to explore you are sure to discover your own personal passions and pleasures on Lake St. Clair. You've no doubt heard the expression, "Life is Better with a Boat." If that's true, then life just doesn't get any better than boating-on Lake St. Clair. And the reason for this is Lake St. Clair may just be one of the best boating lakes on the planet. This area is full of little towns with great eateries, lots of great fishing and tons of fun for the whole family. If you like the water, you are going to love "The Nautical Heart of the Great Lakes."


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