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Episode #1405

“Ogemaw County Tour”

Episode #1405 Travel Planner

There is a lot of outdoor activity in Ogemaw County from biking, off roading, canoeing, golf and so much more and we are going to try to experience a lot of it on today’s show.

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Ogemaw County, Michigan




West Branch MI

YMCA Camp Timbers

Camp Timbers

Location: 3269 Horseshoe Lake Road - West Branch, MI
Phone: (989) 345-2630

Beautifully situated on 300 acres of nature, YMCA Camp Timbers is celebrating its 50th year of specializing in summer overnight camps for youth. The wide variety of camp activities complement this natural beauty well – campers enjoy swimming in our private, spring-fed Piper Lake; experience adventure on our zip lines, climbing tower, and high ropes course; connect with nature while exploring our cedar bog, enjoying a horse ride, or hiking through a variety of diverse forest types. The Eagles Flight Zipline takes riders on an exhilarating ride- nearly 1,200 feet long, over the backwaters of Piper Lake. Experience the thrill of the 60 ft drop on one of the longest ziplines in the region. Only at YMCA Camp Timbers in West Branch, Michigan.

Ogemaw Hills Pathway

Ogemaw Hills Pathway

Location: Clear Lake Road & Fairview Road

In terms of forest cover types the area varies from large expanses of jack pine on the sandy plains, to low conifer swamps. The tree species are primarily associations of jack pine, red pine, and black oak, in the sandy areas. Finally on the ridges along the higher elevations bigtooth aspen and red oak are found on the better quality soils. Much of the state forest land originated after the large forest fires during the early 1900's, and many areas were replanted by the Civilian Conservation Corps.

ORV Trails

ORV Trails

Location: throughout Ogemaw County

Ogemaw County has an extensive trail system and you will find that an ordinance has been passed to make it easier for riders to get back and forth from the trails. This ordinance allows ORV riders to ride on streets and highways in Ogemaw County. We encourage you to become familiar with the ordinance as well as familiarize yourself with the trails maps in the area.

  • ORVs [West Branch Visitors Bureau]


Ogemaw County Golf

Location: throughout Ogemaw County

Championship golf and West Branch/Ogemaw County have a lot in common and we think that once you have visited us you will agree that the ultimate golf destination is found right here. The West Branch Collection of Great Golf Courses - The Dream, Green Briar, Apply Valley, The Nightmare, and West Branch Country Club (all 18 hole golf courses) offer challenging, exciting and affordable golf for every level of golfer. From rolling hills, wooded fairways, bunkers and water, you will find the picturesque vistas provided at each of these golf courses making them a pleasure to play.

Ogemaw Nature Park

Ogemaw Nature Park

Location: 5626 W Rose City Road - West Branch, MI

The Ogemaw Nature Park is in a secluded environment that's extremely peaceful and relaxing! Many families bring their lunch and spend the day with us. We are completely fenced in so the kids can run free. May through June is our fawning season. So bring your little ones to come see our little ones! During Fall, many hunters stop in to see our bucks in rut. They always put on a spectacular display pacing, snorting and rubbing. We are a "Free Admission" non-profit facility where you can hand feed a small herd of Whitetail Deer. We have bags of feed you can purchase for a small fee. This facility was established in the 1940's and has put smiles on children's faces ever since.

Rifle River Recreation Area

Rifle River Rec Area

Location: 2550 E Rose City Road - Lupton, MI
Phone: (989) 473-2258

The Rifle River Recreation Area covers over 4,000 acres in Ogemaw County. The park offers 159 campsites, has several hiking trails and several lakes in its boundaries. Also in the watershed are two state forest campgrounds. The Rifle River campground provides 40 campsites and is located on both sides of the Rifle River. Hardwood Lake State Forest Campground has 22 campsites available. Public canoe access to the Rifle River is fairly good. Access sites are located in the Rifle River Recreation Area, the state forest campground, near Skidway Lake, Moffatt Bridge, and at Omer. In addition, there is a partially developed access site near the confluence of Klacking Creek with the Rifle.

Fishing The Rifle River

Rifle River Fishing

Location: Bachelder Spool & Fly | 1040 Gerald Miller Rd - West Branch, MI
Phone: (989) 345-3234

If fishing is your favorite pastime, then this is the place for you! Ogemaw County is home to many terrific trout streams, panfish lakes. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) access sites to streams and lakes in the county are available at many locations throughout Ogemaw County. You will also find many bait shops and sporting good stores that have excellent information available. They will assist you in finding lake access sites. The county has many lakes that provide a wide variety of fishing experiences. Local fishing guide Mike Bachelder owns Bachelder Spool & Fly. Mike is a veteran guide with over 20 years in the business. He is THE GUIDE on the Rifle River, but also fishes the Au Sable above and below Mio as well as the South Branch, Alcona, Foote and Tawas Bay. Trout, Steelhead and Smallmouth are his specialties.