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Episode #904

“Hiking The Bruce Trail”

Episode #904 Travel planner

Ontario is known for its rugged beauty and unspoiled wilderness and that is what we will discover as we travel along a portion of the world-renowned Bruce Trail. We hike to rock outcroppings that look down 300 feet into the Georgian Bay, we go into the back country through beautiful forests rich with wildlife and so much more. Hike with us as we discover the Bruce Trail.


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Bruce County, Ontario


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The Bruce Trail

Bruce Trail

The Bruce County section of The Bruce Trail begins in Wiarton and winds its way up the east side of the Peninsula to Tobermory. For most of its length the trail is a rugged footpath and in numerous situations it provides spectacular views over Georgian Bay. Along its path there are side trails and access trails. There are numerous opportunities to complete relatively short hikes that form loops by using segments of the main trail and a side trail.



There is a cornucopia of things to do in Tobermory. Here hikers will find the beginning of the world-famous 700-kilometre Bruce Trail. Nearby is the new and exciting Bruce Peninsula National Park Visitors’ Centre with its really tall lookout tower. Visitors can ride the Chi-Cheemaun across the Devil’s Gap to Manitoulin Island, explore the wonders of Flowerpot Island, and view old shipwrecks from a glass bottom boat.

Bruce Peninsula National Park

Bruce Peninsula National Park

Embracing a sizable chunk of the property at the top of the Bruce Peninsula, Bruce Peninsula National Park protects a treasure trove of different landscapes and habitats. The most prominent section is the coast, where cliffs, caves and coves of the Niagara Escarpment create a dramatic setting. Hiking to the Grotto along the Bruce Trail is the park’s most popular activity. The rugged route includes natural rock tunnels, arches, a boulder beach and 40-metre-high cliffs that plunge into the stunning turquoise water of Georgian Bay.

The Grotto @ Bruce Peninsula National Park

The Grotto

Everyone hikes to the Grotto. It’s the most popular attraction in Bruce Peninsula National Park. A big cave on the shore, it was carved out by the waves of Georgian Bay over thousands of years. From the Bruce Trail climb down through the natural chimney in the rock of the Niagara Escarpment. It’s a pristine setting; there are no signs, lights, stairs or handrails here. The cave itself is stunning, with sunlight from the outside revealing a brilliant underwater tunnel on the inside. You can walk along a ledge inside its cavity or swim in its cool, clear, turquoise water.

Cape Chin

Cape Chin

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Skinner's Bluff

Skinner's Bluff

For a spectacular view of ruralscapes and Georgian Bay this is the spot to bring your camera. Located northeast of Wiarton, atop the Niagara Escarpment, accessible off Grey County Road 26 and township roads 23-24 and 20-21. Parking is available along the roadside.



The unique beauty of the town of Wiarton, Ontario is hard to match. The view from the hill as you enter the town charms the eye, extending for miles down Colpoy’s Bay with islands and bold limestone cliffs in the distance. The Gateway to the Bruce Peninsula, Wiarton was a wilderness until 1866 when the first log shanty was built. Wiarton is home to Wiarton Willie, the albino groundhog who each February 2nd, becomes Canada’s weather forecaster announcing the coming of spring – or six more weeks of winter.